Daily, global snow extent based on AVHRR GAC data

Umbrella Project  |  ESA CCI+ SNOW
Project run time  |  Sept 2018 - August 2021

Project funding  |  European Space Agency (ESA)
Collaborators at the University of Bern  |  Dr K. Naegeli, Prof Dr S. Wunderle


Seasonal snow cover is the largest single component of the cryopshere, covering 50% of the northern hemisphere’s land surface during mid winter, and is an important component of the climate system.

Seasonal snow cover is a crucial and challenging research issue in climate analysis and modelling. It influences energy, moisture and gas fluxes between the land surface and atmosphere; its high reflectivity, or albedo, provides a significant feedback effect in a warming climate; and its sensitivity to precipitation and temperature regimes makes it widely recognised as a fundamental indicator of climate variability and change. Snow is also a major, if not dominant, freshwater source in many alpine, high- and mid-latitude regions an important contribution to the global water cycle.

The Snow_cci project aims to contribute to the understanding of Snow  in the climate system by generating consistent, high quality long-term data sets that meet the requirements of the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS).