Current position

Postdoctoral Fellow  |  Remote Sensing Research Group, University of Bern, Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research

October 2018 to present

Project title:  ESA CCI+ Snow

Contact: kathrin.naegeli[at]

Past positions

Postdoctoral Fellow | Center for Glaciology, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK

SNFS Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship grantee

October 2017 to September 2018

Project title: High-resolution spatial and temporal variations in albedo of ablating ice – drivers, patterns and dynamics

Higher education

PhD in Glaciology  |  University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Thesis title: State, changes and impact of glacier surface albedo in the Swiss Alps
Supervision: Dr Matthias Huss, Prof Dr Martin Hoelzle

MSc in Geography, Major Glaciology  |  University of Zurich, Switzerland & The University Centre in Svalbard, Norway
Thesis title: Investigations of state and changes in drainage system, thermal structure and dynamics of Tellbreen, a High Arctic glacier on Svalbard, using glacio-speleology
Supervision: Prof Dr Doug Benn (UNIS), PD Dr Michael Zemp (UZH)  

BSc in Geosciences, Major in Physical Geography and Meteorology | University of Basel, Switzerland
Thesis at the Snow and Avalanche Centre (SLF), Davos


2019:   Capacity Building Workshop on Glaciology and Disaster Risk Reduction in Bhutan | Royal University of Bhutan, Thimphu, Bhutan
2016:   Instructor | Specialization in Remote Sensing: Spectroscopy of the Earth System | University of Zurich
2014 – 2016:   Lecturer   | GG.0101 Introduction to geosciences | University of Fribourg
2014 – 2015:   Instructor | GG.0213 Introduction to atmospheric science | University of Fribourg

Technical skills

I have been an active member of research field work in the European Alps, Svalbard (NO), Westfjords (IS), Tien Shan (KG) and the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains (AK).

Fieldwork expertise includes, in no particular order:

  • glacier mass balance measurements using stake networks and snowpits
  • construction, deployment and maintenance of automatic weather stations
  • detailed ablation measurements using stake farms
  • albedo measurements using portable albedometer (e.g. CM7B)
  • field spectroscopy using ASD field spectrometer (e.g. FieldSpec4)
  • geomorphological mapping
  • ice cave mapping using standard speleological techniques
  • snow stratigraphy measurements and observations
  • ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys (mainly of winter snow)

I obtain my research results using various methodology and software:

  • mass balance modelling
  • timeseries and gridded data analysis
  • imaging spectroscopy and other image analysis tools (e.g. Spectral Angle Mapper)
  • various applications of high-resultion UAV data
  • IDL, ArcGIS, ENVI, AgiSoft Photoscan, Adobe Suite, ...

Outreach activities

Inspiring Girls Expeditions, steering committee member 2019 - present,

Women on Ice, co-founder, instructor,

Girls on Ice Switzerland, co-founder, instructor, program coordinator,

Explora 2016 (Open Day), organising and leading of the presentation and experiments of the Physical Geography at the University of Fribourg

Womens in Science and Technology (WINS), organising and leading of day-long stage for a group of female high school students at the University of Fribourg

Prizes, Awards, Fellowships

SNFS Early Postdoc.Mobility fellow 2017-2019 (

Arctic Field Grant Awardee in 2011 (